Is HIIT good for elderly people? Posted on 19 Oct 16:19

Yes, we believe so!

HIIT supports the sensomotoric of your body in a positive way. For elderly people or the very young ones just do the HIIT exercises in a playful way to get the best results.

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Is HIIT good for young people? Posted on 12 Oct 14:02

The following article discusses this topic and gives a serious answer to sports teachers, coaches and parents! With special hints for an effective endurance training in combination with the very popular sport football.

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No. 4 hint of the day: Strenghten your body in a group intervall training Posted on 07 Sep 14:10

Build 3 groups of 4 to 8 people. The groups build a circle. Place a Tabata Button in the center of the circle. Each group gets one of the three Fitness Dice and trains independently from the other groups.

One person in each group rolls the fitness dice to chose the first exercise. Then the Tabata Button gets started. The whole group trains during 20 sec the first exercise. When the Tabata Button calls in the break of 10 sec the group pauses, swaps the fitness dice within the group to another member which then rolls the next exercise. When the Tabata Button calls in the next training session of 20 sec the whole group trains the second exercise. This procedure repeats 8 times until 4 minutes are over.

Before we start the next intervall of 4 minutes we make a break of 1 minute. During this break we change the fitness dice from group 1 to 2, from group 2 to 3 and from group 3 to 4. Then we start the next intervall. In total we complete 3 interval trainings à 4 min with a 1 min break in between each Tabata interval.


  1. Each of the 3 groups trains with their own Tabata Button OR
  2. All groups train with the same Tabata Button.

    Who is fitter and faster? Posted on 01 Sep 11:49

    This was the credo of yesterday's gym lesson @ Gymnasium Lerbermatt-Köniz.

    After a warm up session with the whole class (-> supported by the intervaltimer) the students were split into 3 groups.



    The following challenge with the fitness dice in combination with a parkour was fun to do and even the teachers were up for it!


    Gymnasiasten Workout

    Die Jungs vom Gymer Lerbermatt habens drauf! ... Sogar die Lehrer konnten sich für die witzige Fitness-Challenge begeistern! ...sieh dir das Video hier an.

    Posted by Dingglabs on Dienstag, 1. September 2015


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    Tabata training ...this girl is fond of HIIT Posted on 25 Aug 11:05

    Check out this fun video of a HIIT training @ home.

    It can be so easy to work out ... :-)



    Can’t go to the gym? No problem! ... Posted on 17 Aug 10:00

    ...This lady shows YOU what you can do to stay fit anyway! :-)

    No. 3 hint of the day: Stronger muscles thanks to fun and games Posted on 10 Aug 13:26

    Here is a good example how to use the fitness dice (maybe in combination with the Tabata Button) in your school- or your gym class.

    Divide your class into groups of 4 people (if possible). Hand out a set of fitness dice and 4 same colored bands to each group. Place a marker in the middle of your workout space and place the groups around it with a space of a few meters. Then start the game.

    1. One player of a group rolls the dice. This player counts down the numbers of repetitions for the given exercise. All the players of a group exercise together.
    2. After finishing the exercise one player sprints to the marker puts down his colored band and returns to the group where the next player rolls the dice.
    3. Repeat this procedure until all the players have rolled the dice once.
    4. Winner is the team which first puts down all its colored bands at the marker.
    The teacher controls the correct execution of the workout and number of repetitions.

    List of material:
    - Correct number of fitness dice (depending on the class size)
    - 4 same colored bands for each group
    - 1 marker

    No. 2 hint of the day: Improve the learning curve during playful fitness exercises Posted on 27 Jul 11:50

    It is a proven fact that the learning effect of schoolars is higher while they are doing playful fitness exercises.

    If you want to improve the mental maths of your schoolars then try this.

    Put a fitness dice and a repetitions dice into three corners of your classroom. Mark each corner from 1 to 3. Pose an arithmetical problem to your schoolars. Whoever gives the first right answer can go to corner number one and roll both dice. Then the whole class will together do the given exercise for the given amount of repetitions.
    Whoever is the quickest in giving the right answer to the new arithmetical problem can move to the first corner and roll both dice. Let’s assume the schoolar giving the last correct answer is again the quickest in giving the next correct answer then he can move to corner number 2 and roll those two dice. The schoolar which is first back at his seat after passing all three corners will be the winner.

    You will see, this playful learning session will improve the learning curve of the whole class immense.

    No.1 hint of the day: Fitness dice for loosening up your class Posted on 14 Jul 10:13

    Do you know this situation? It is one of those days... you are taking a lesson and the class gets louder and louder. The pupils are getting restless and noisy even though the lesson has just started.

    This is the time for a short dwell time. Open the windows, gather the students around you and determine two pupils to be candidates to roll the fitness dice (maby the ones which were the noisiest). Let one of them roll an exercise dice and the other one the numbers dice. Then let the whole class exercise together!

    Repeat this procedure once with the dice A, B and C. It will not take longer than 5 minutes, all pupils have had some motion and even the slackers will kick up a breeze by the class. All students have had some fresh air and are now ready for the rest of the lesson.


    Karate Tabata Challenge Posted on 08 Jul 13:01

    Karatekas warm up in a playful challenge with the Tabata fitness method

    Last friday there was a fitness challenge in a Karate Dojo. Two teams of seven people tried to workout as quick and hard as possible in order to win against their competitors!

    See who won and how the training method of Dr. Izumi Tabata makes the Karatekas of the Karate-Kai Bern sweat on our facebook page!