No.1 hint of the day: Fitness dice for loosening up your class Posted on 14 Jul 10:13

Do you know this situation? It is one of those days... you are taking a lesson and the class gets louder and louder. The pupils are getting restless and noisy even though the lesson has just started.

This is the time for a short dwell time. Open the windows, gather the students around you and determine two pupils to be candidates to roll the fitness dice (maby the ones which were the noisiest). Let one of them roll an exercise dice and the other one the numbers dice. Then let the whole class exercise together!

Repeat this procedure once with the dice A, B and C. It will not take longer than 5 minutes, all pupils have had some motion and even the slackers will kick up a breeze by the class. All students have had some fresh air and are now ready for the rest of the lesson.