No. 3 hint of the day: Stronger muscles thanks to fun and games Posted on 10 Aug 13:26

Here is a good example how to use the fitness dice (maybe in combination with the Tabata Button) in your school- or your gym class.

Divide your class into groups of 4 people (if possible). Hand out a set of fitness dice and 4 same colored bands to each group. Place a marker in the middle of your workout space and place the groups around it with a space of a few meters. Then start the game.

1. One player of a group rolls the dice. This player counts down the numbers of repetitions for the given exercise. All the players of a group exercise together.
2. After finishing the exercise one player sprints to the marker puts down his colored band and returns to the group where the next player rolls the dice.
3. Repeat this procedure until all the players have rolled the dice once.
4. Winner is the team which first puts down all its colored bands at the marker.
The teacher controls the correct execution of the workout and number of repetitions.

List of material:
- Correct number of fitness dice (depending on the class size)
- 4 same colored bands for each group
- 1 marker