About Us

DINGGLABS is a registered trade mark and a brand for elaborate sport products of the OXON company. Situated in the heart of Switzerland - in the Capital Berne - we are dedicated to develop high quality mobile- and web-solutions for our clients. Besides we run a small fab-lab where we pursue the goal to connect the virtual world with the real world. All our products are elaborate, of high quality and easy to use.

The most important value for OXON is: Simplicity. Everything that needs clarification isn't worth the explanation. If it isn't simple enough we need to reflect harder. This is why we think a lot before we act. Our mantra is quality instead of quantity - in all aspects.


Our products are created in a strong partnership with our friends at TATKRAFT Creative Training:

TATKRAFT Creative Training is an innovative company in the field of personal and athletic training always on the look out for useful, fun-inducing products to be used in sporting activities. It is their aim, by means of creative inputs, to turn movement into a varied and wonderful experience for everyone. You will find a detailed presentation of the company and philosophy at www.tatkraft-training.ch.




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